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Gran Turismo Memory Card Save Data (mcr File) Used For The Epsxe

.mcr files should be identical in format to the .srm file RetroArch makes. Just replace it. (And delete the .rtc file, otherwise it will overwrite your memory card data. This is a bug and will be fixed in 0.9.9)

gran turismo memory card save data (mcr file) used for the epsxe

Thanks for the answer So basically what I have to do is rename the .mcr file to a .srm file ?And How can make RetroArch using 2 memory cards and sharing data between games. If for example I want to share cars buyed from GT2US to GT2EU what should I do ?

To import your old memory cards from other emulators, you need to rename them to either the Libretro (.srm) savedata format or the Mednafen (.mcr) savedata format. The Libretro (.srm) savedata format, when used with Beetle PSX, is internally identical to the Mednafen PSX (.mcr) savedata format, and can be converted between one another via renaming.

There are a lot of different ways to get a save from a memory card onto yourPC's hard disk, and these ways sometimes involve sticking some additionalinformation into a header at the beginning of the file.

This format contains only a single file (not a whole memory card). The filenameshould be the same as used in the Memory Card Directory. The title is more orless don't care; it may be the SHIFT-JIS title from the Title Sector convertedto ASCII.

MCS files consist of the 128 byte directory frame for the savefile's first block followed by all of that savefile's blocks in linked list order. When importing this format, the directory frame should be parsed for the save filename and the filesize while other fields should be ignored. The rest of the directory frame fields and any extra directory frames, in the case of multi-block saves, should be reconstructed based on the destination memory card.

DuckStation will handle saving the game for you, as it defaults to creating a virtual memory card in the documents folder on your PC. You can always change this location and it also by default will create a brand new memory card for each individual game that you decide to load up. If you want the more traditional method, just choose Shared Between All Games, but you risk losing all saved data if you go down this route.


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