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The Ultimate Chess Book: My Great Predecessors Vol 4 PDF by Kasparov Garry

jogadores como navara, ivanchuk, volokitin, dentre outros nomes que poderia mencionar aqui respeitam o gm digo que há sete e meio jogadores mais experientes do mundo, e eles sempre jogam contra o sr. kasparov.

Kasparov Garry Os meus Grandes Predecessores Vol 4 pdf

karpov was born in moscow in 1948. in 1969, at the age of 14, he made his debut in the soviet championship, finishing fourth. he won the ussr championship in 1971 and the soviet junior championship in 1973, but it was his 1975 performance at the world junior championship in leningrad that transformed him into a grandmaster. in 1976 he won the ussr championship, and on 1 january 1977 he became the youngest ever world champion. he reigned for four years, defeating kasparov in a match for the title in 1980. after that, karpov never played a match for the title again, but he remained a top player for the rest of his life.

kasparov's 1986 world championship victory is one of the great chess stories of all time. it was his second victory of the title, having already defeated karpov in 1980. kasparov had already made his name as a grandmaster in 1984, when he won the candidates tournament, held in reykjavik. at the time, kasparov was an unknown, but at the time the world championship was held every two years, and he was seen as the leading challenger. kasparov's convincing victory in the candidates made him a potential champion, and he entered the 1986 championship with a very good chance. karpov, of course, was his opponent, and kasparov made a second successive unprecedented start, when he won a rapid playoff match to secure his title. it was an extraordinary moment for the game of chess, and for kasparov. it was his greatest triumph, and he would go on to become one of the world's greatest players.


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