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Matures Fucking Day [VERIFIED]

It\u2019s your favorite fucking day of the week, time for \u201COracular Spectacular\u201D part of Snax, INC Broadcast Television Network. Today\u2019s episode is brought to you by the letter F, the color red and viewers like you.

matures fucking day

"I was fucking in front of her," Karen screams. She better watch the curses in front of the ref, but he's distracted. The girl from the other team's stretched out on the ground crying. Her coach is checking her out. I walk over. She can't move her leg; I thought I heard a snap when she fell. I send my manager down to get help, and lead my team away, over to the bench.

I drive home, practically eating my cigarette. Fucking person in front of me is driving too fucking slow. I honk and spit my cigarette out the window. So, I shouldn't smoke. Kill me early. But what's it matter? I played soccer like Karen Morley. I played basketball. I light another. Maybe I shouldn't have played her. I probably shouldn't have. I should've known she couldn't resist the pressure. I knew it. How old is she? What, all of fourteen. A freshman. The light's turned green, and the car in front of me hasn't moved. I push my hand down on the horn and hold it. The boy in the back turns around and gives me the finger. I give it back. He's probably all of ten. Goddammit. I haven't gotten drunk in years, but I want to. What did Karen yell as she left the field? "Fucking wasted." I used to do that. We'd hang out on the playground, shooting hoop. My father could kill me, I didn't care. But I was smart, yeah, I was smart. I went to college. I got out of there. I got a job. I could play basketball, but what did it matter? It wouldn't get me a job.

I'm home, and I have nothing in the house to drink. Of course not, I don't drink, so I go to the store for a six-pack. I wonder what they do at night, those girls who lay sprawled on the grass comfortably and spray each other with water. They throw their heads back and aim the hose to the back of their throat, and then when enough's gone down to restore their lost fluid, they turn it on each other and douse them. So much fun. So carefree. I wish somebody would douse me with water. I wish I could lay on grass and stare up at nothing but the blue sky. I wish I could get on the soccer field with them, run between the white lines and care about nothing at all except to kick the fucking ball into the fucking net. 041b061a72


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