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75 : A Hex On Luffy! Colors Trap! BETTER

The surviving Skylanders and Portal Masters battled against their former comrade in a magical battle, and harnessed the combined powers of all the elements of the world. Eventually, Malefor was defeated by them and the Ancestors confined within the Well of Souls. However, they knew such powerful forces like him could never be destroyed, and while his spirit was imprisoned in the Mountain of Malefor, his essence was trapped in Convexity. They have kept watch over to this very day, for if they were to be reunited then Dark Master would escape. To help them prevent Malefor's return, the Dragons in different elements founded and declared themselves the Dragon Sages and taught their secret arts in the ancient ways to pure, worthy, young, dragons. He sought to escape the mountain, and while Malefor manipulated a plan to do so, his army was still able to carry out his orders.

75 : A Hex on Luffy! Colors Trap!



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