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Where To Buy Piper Home Security

Their main benefits, of course, are flexibility and portability. They're ideal for smaller homes with one main point of entry to keep an eye on. They're also fantastic for folks living in apartments or any rented spaces where you aren't supposed to install a bunch of stuff, lest you face the wrath of an irate landlord -- or lady.

where to buy piper home security

But, surprisingly (to me, at least), this category of home security products hasn't caught on much. There are less than ten main options kicking around today from names like Canary, LG, Somfy and a handful of others. And, like I said, my original favorites in the category, the Piper Classic and NV devices, are discontinued.

But all this means there's an excellent opportunity for new companies to swoop in and save this waffling home security category. All-in-one home security devices have the potential to appeal broadly to renters, who often can't use professional firms like ADT, AT&T Digital Life or Comcast Xfinity Home with their install-intensive hardware that's much more difficult to move when your lease is up. And, as Gillett points out, there's also a great opening for these cameras to be more than home security monitoring devices, but family devices that can be used to see if the kids got home from school, to monitor the temperature in the baby's room and so much more.

Summary: The Piper nv is a great home security system for those who live in urban or suburban areas with lots of neighbors around to respond to break ins, but may not be the best fit for rural customers who need actual police response to stop burglars in their tracks.

Like many other home security products in this category, the Piper nv is a 100% DIY operation, letting you take the product out of the box and have it up and running from your smartphone in a matter of about 30 minutes or less.

The problem with the lack of actual monitoring on the Piper nv Home Security system, is that all it would take is about 20 seconds of the siren going off for a real burglar to get in the house, disconnect the camera, and call it a day. I remember years ago, Discovery Channel had a show where career (since reformed) burglars would showcase how quickly they could get in and out of a home with tens of thousands of dollars of valuables in a matter of minutes, often way before professional systems from the likes of Bay or ADT could even make the call for the police to show up at the scene.

You can connect 232 Z-Wave sensors and devices to one Piper, which goes a long way to providing remote monitoring of a small home or apartment. For those who are primarily interested in the Piper as a security camera, they would need multiple units to cover multiple rooms.

While there are no monthly fees to use Piper, the company aims to launch a cellular-enabled version soon. With this addition, if a power outage occurs, Piper can stay online as long as phone signals are available. As Piper becomes smarter and can use the Internet to its advantage, it can also begin aggregating local data to further automate your home. This means recognizing when the sun sets to put the lights on, or turning the air conditioning on when indoor temperature gets past a certain point. A weatherproof, outdoor version of Piper is also in the works.

Only a few notable products support Matter as of today, although dozens more are expected to add the functionality in the coming months. For now, here are the five best smart home products that support Matter. For a full list, head over to the official Matter website.

Piper is the newest gizmo when it comes to home security. Oh wait. Let me correct myself. Piper isn't just a home security system. Piper Security also provides home automation and video monitoring while you are away. This little device gives you a panoramic view of your home that you can see while you're commuting to work, grabbing lunch, or having some drinks with friends, all thanks to its mobile app. So let's dive in to take a deeper look at this fun, new contraption.

Piper is home security, video monitoring, and home automation all rolled into one high-tech gadget. It is a convenient solution for a smaller home or apartment, but can be adapted to larger homes, which we will discuss later.

Piper is the name of the futuristic looking main system. It has a motion detector, microphone and siren to help detect and protect your home from an intruder. It has battery backup for an extra peace of mind. If Piper detects a loud noise or some type of motion while you are away, then it will immediately contact you with the video footage. Now you're wondering, "What happens if I'm unable to be reached?" Fortunately, Piper lets you add trusted family and friends to your contact list in case you are unavailable. That way they will get the notification and can decide if it was a burglar or if your new pup knocked a plant off the table.

The Piper camera can pan, tilt, and zoom so you can see a large area of your home. With its fisheye lens you can see from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, giving you a great view of your home while you are away. It also has a quad view, which gives you four views of different areas in the room. Finally, Piper will record certain events you program it to. For example, when there is a loud noise, if someone enters the room, or when a door or window opens. That way you can playback recorded footage and see what or who caused those events. If you have a large home, keep in mind that Piper can only see one room in your home.

Monitoring from Piper does not mean that the system communicates with a Central Monitoring Station. So while the homeowner and anyone else with access to the app will be notified of an intrusion, it is up to that person to notify the authorities.

It is important to distinguish between self-monitoring and central monitoring. Central monitoring comes with a monthly fee, and your system is professionally monitored by a station that is staffed 24/7. In the event of an alarm, the monitoring station has the power to dispatch law enforcement to your home. This is not possible with self-monitoring (what you get with Piper): you will need to call 911 on your own. While you may not have automatic law enforcement backup (it should be noted that the monitoring station typically still calls you to confirm the incident before dispatching authorities), you can save on monthly costs that typically range between $20-$50/month. Read more about why we recommend a monitored home security system and how it can save you 20% annually on your Homeowner's Insurance.

Piper Security can turn your lights and appliances on and off while you are away from home with its Z-Wave connect-ability. You can even have them turn on when a door or window or motion sensor is triggered so it deters intruders. With Piper's smartphone app, you can keep tabs on your home's environment while you're away by checking on the temperature, humidity, lighting, sounds, and motion events.

Piper's app can support up to 5 different Pipers (equates to 5 rooms of Piper coverage in your home) so more of your home can be covered and visible to the devices. This works better for those with larger homes but can get costly. This was a new function added in February 2014. Piper will have more information in their updates section as new advances are added so keep your eyes open for it!

Z-Wave technology is a wireless communication protocol used specifically for appliances so you may control your home remotely. Z-Wave uses a low power radio frequency and is used in appliances, lighting, entertainment systems, etc. So basically, Z-Wave makes it possible to control a wide variety of devices that support the Z-Wave protocol (which is growing by the day). Some newer door locks and thermostats can even integrate with Z-Wave.

Still, the easy installation, flexible rules, and Z-Wave compatibility make Piper an intriguing option for people just starting to dabble with connected home products. Parent company iControl offers a 30-day return window (just for Piper, not for the Z-Wave accessories), so you can take it for a spin at your own house with minimal risk.

When we reviewed the Piper from Icontrol Networks last summer, we were impressed with the camera's image quality, ease of use, and the fact that it can control numerous Z-Wave home automation devices. But we were left wanting for its lack of Android support and night vision capabilities, as well as its inability to download recorded video. The new Piper nv ($269) is also easy to use and pulls double duty as a Z-Wave controller, but it now delivers sharp night vision video and offers both iOS and Android apps. It boasts a higher resolution CMOS sensor as well, and lets you download clips to your photo gallery. The Piper nv's versatility and overall performance put it at the top of its class, making it our new Editors' Choice for home surveillance cameras.

The Piper is much more than a surveillance camera. It uses motion and sound detection to alert you of any activity while you're away, tracks indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, and issues local weather alerts. As if that weren't enough, this multifaceted device also controls and interacts with various Z-Wave home automation devices, including smart switches and dimmers, door and window sensors, and range extenders, all of which are available from Piper and range in price from $40 to $60.

Live video can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet using an iOS or Android app, but you can't access the Piper nv using a Web browser. The app's dashboard is the main control panel for the camera. Front and center is a security wheel that lets you switch between Stay (when someone is home), Away, and Vacation security modes, or you can disarm all security rules. When you change modes, the camera beeps (loudly) for a few seconds and a voice tells you that you've entered a new security mode. The left side of the screen shows indoor and outdoor temperature readings, and a status menu below the security wheel lists recent triggered events (motion or sound detection) and the status of any installed Z-Wave devices. 041b061a72


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