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Yeh Hai Prem-Janjaal Movie Songs: A Romantic Musical Treat

Yeh Hai Prem-Janjaal Movie Video Song Download HD

If you are looking for a romantic Bollywood movie with catchy songs and stunning visuals, you should check out Yeh Hai Prem-Janjaal. This movie was released in 2000 and directed by Devendra Dhua. It stars Gajendra Chauhan, Devendra Duha, Sonal Gupta, Bharat Kapoor, Rajni Kaur, and Sharda Mishra in the lead roles. The movie is a love story between two young people who face many obstacles and challenges in their relationship. The movie has six songs that are composed by Rajesh Rosh

Yeh Hai Prem-Janjaal movie video song download hd

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